Hands-on STEAM Projects for K-8

Engage elementary and middle school learners in unprecedented ways and prepare career-ready innovators with STEAM Project-based Learning. With TinkRworks, students learn and apply STEAM concepts to showcase their creativity with personalized projects. Our hands-on curriculum guides students through the engineering design process—equipping them with essential STEM knowledge and skills.

Reach More Students with Budget-friendly STEAM​​

TinkRworks’ STEAM project kits can be used flexibly across several grade levels. Mix and match TinkRworks’ make-and-take and reusable kits to create a STEAM program that fits your budget and academic goals.

Make-and-Take Projects: Many TinkRworks’ projects are consumable—meaning students receive their very own project kit that they can customize and take home to keep. This means the learning adventure doesn’t end in the classroom. Students can continue to engage with STEAM and bring their ideas to life long after the curriculum is complete.

Reusable Project Kits: Select projects are designed with reusability in mind.  Our reusable kits offer the same innovative, comprehensive STEAM instruction as our make-and-take projects, but they are not limited to one-time use. Reusable projects can be can implemented with students, disassembled, and used again with another group of students throughout the day or school year—creating endless opportunities to reinforce key concepts.

Inspire Innovation with STEAM Project-based Learning

TinkRworks’ STEAM projects are hands-on, engaging, standards-rich, and easy-to-implement.

Hands-on projects designed to:

Foster a love of creating
Enhance problem-solving skills
Inspire curiosity and self-expression
Reinforce and expand on core concepts




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Grades 3-5


Grades 3-5


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Grades 3-5


Grades 3-8


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Grades 6-8

Hands-on STEAM Project Kits At A Glance

TinkRworks’ projects are ready-to-teach and include everything you need to deliver targeted, grade-level standards.
Get a sneak peak at TinkRworks’ supplemental STEAM curriculum with our project lesson samplers.

All the Parts You Need for Project Assembly

Student project kit
No need to hunt for parts. Each STEAM project kit includes all the materials that students need for project assembly and STEAM curriculum activities, including:

  • Hardware
  • Electronics
  • Manipulatives
  • Materials for hands-on activities
Facilitators are provided with “how-to assemble” videos and classroom toolkits that include a reusable set of tools and materials.

What Our Partners Are Saying​

"TinkRworks is an equalizer in my high poverty district. With more than 50% English learners, our students gravitate to the program because they can engage deeply with the concepts. Students love the hands-on and coding aspects but they’re also developing science vocabulary and communication skills."

JON BARICOVICH | Director of Assessment at Cook County/Summit District 104

“We started using TinkRworks as an enrichment program after school with a small group. The students loved it to so much we now have more than 500 students across the grades using it for 10-15 weeks every year."

JACLYN FARLEY | K-8 STEM Teacher at St. Isaac Jocques

"One of the important things to admire about TinkRworks is the collaboration we see between students who would not, under the usual circumstances, get together to solve problems."

REBECCA LARATTA | Director of Teaching & Learning at Gower District 62

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