We are a K-8 supplemental STEAM provider that specializes in project-based learning.  

Our standards-rich curriculum and hands-on projects are designed to engage students with 21st century skills and promote cross-curricular connections to computer science, data analysis, design, ELA, engineering, math, and science. And they are fun! 

We make STEAM simple. Whether you are an experienced coder or new to STEM/STEAM, our program is easy to implement and can be adapted to a variety of settings—such as science class, STEM lab, after school, summer school. 

How it works: 

  1. Start a conversation: Tell us about yourself and your STEAM goals. Submit a form or call us at (888) 998-4657.  
  1. Meet your STEM partner: A team member will reach out to answer your questions and help you find a solution that meets your STEAM goals. 
  1. Receive tools & training: Our curriculum experts provide professional learning and coaching so you can effectively deliver STEAM. 
  2. Start TinkRing: Now the fun begins! Transform learners into innovators with engaging lessons and fun projects. 

Our STEAM curriculum can be implemented in a variety of settings including classrooms, makerspaces, after school, and summer school. We provide curriculum, project kits, a teaching resource center, and block-based coding environment.  

All you need is an internet-friendly device—computer, Chromebook, or tablet—to access the online resources and cloud-based coding environment. 

TinkRworks was developed by educators and engineers and is a critical piece of STEAM and project-based learning initiatives for school systems nationwide.  

We make STEAM simple (and fun!) by providing: 

  • Comprehensive K-8 curriculum that targets NGSS, CCSS, and CSTA standards.
  • Hands-on projects that can be used flexibly across several grade levels.
  • Teacher resources including professional learning, lesson plans, and student assessments.
  • A cloud-based coding environment where students can customize their projects and bring them to life. 
  • Flexible implementation options that allow educators to personalize instructional time. 


Each project is paired with a comprehensive curriculum that is designed to enhance your core curriculum. Our teaching resource center includes lesson plans, instructional slides, project build videos, and student assessments.  

Please contact us to request a “project playbook.” Our playbooks provide a glimpse into our STEAM curriculum, including: 

  • Curriculum maps: A comprehensive overview for each lesson including, learning objectives, key concepts, vocabulary, pacing suggestions and how content is aligned to grade-specific standards. 
  • Sample lesson plans: A representative lesson plan from the specified project. 
  • Teacher activity guides: An example taken directly from one of our curricular modules. 
  • Student worksheets: Worksheet examples linked to the lesson plan. 
  • Assessments: An example of a formative assessment of the lesson plan. 

TinkRworks offers a variety of project options for grades K-8. More information is available in our project catalog. 

We provide standards-rich curriculum and projects suitable for K-8 students. Information about appropriate projects for each grade level can be found in our project catalog. 

Any educator can teach TinkRworks! In fact, the vast majority of teachers/facilitators who receive PD self-classify themselves as having either limited or very limited experience with technology and/or coding. We provide hands-on PD and support for project builds, content, and coding (if applicable). 

STEAM is a bit different from STEM in that it not only features science, technology, engineering, and math, but also the arts. The “A” represents art in all its forms—the art of selfexpression, the art of design, the art of communication, of understanding, of collaboration, beauty, integration, flexibility, and openness. It involves considering oneself and the user. STEAM emphasizes a more creative and artistic approach to problem solving. It allows students to be more invested in and take more pride in what they are creating. The artistic aspect of STEAM pushes students to show both what they have learned and who they are as individuals. 

Our curriculum is aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) standards.  We are happy to demonstrate alignment to other standards upon request. 

Each project provides 10-18+ hours of instruction and can be used in science class, STEAM lab, after school, and summer school. Lesson plans for each project suggest pacing in terms of instructional minutes that help facilitators craft their own plan for delivery. During PD, the TinkRworks team will work with educators to determine the best course of action. 

TinkRworks’ flexible implementation options allow educators to personalize instructional time. Some of our school partners choose to deliver curriculum once a week to span a longer period of time, while others implement lessons every day in a dedicated STEM / STEAM class. 

Each TinkRworks project is independent and does not require prior knowledge of other projects or outside content. However, the program can also be implemented in every grade as the project-based STEM supplement. Students will enjoy the experience of learning essential concepts hands-on every year! 


Rest assured, the only thing that’s needed to run TinkRworks in your classroom are what you likely already have—tables, chairs, storage space (to house the projects that the students create), and access to electrical outlets (from time to time). We provide everything needed (down to every screw, bolt, nut, screwdriver, wrench, etc.).  3D printers are NOT required to run TinkRworks.

All materials that a student will need for either in-person or remote delivery are included in their individual kit. For in-person delivery, facilitators are provided with toolkits that include a reusable set of tools and materials. 

An adapted curriculum for remote teaching is available upon request. 

Pampered Plant and LaunchPad are among the projects that are currently available for reuse. In other words, these projects can be purchased, implemented with students, disassembled, and used again with another group of students. Special pricing is available for reusable projects. 

It can be done! However, research shows that students learn best when they work independently to construct their own project, preferably in a class of students who are also working on the same project. With TinkRworks, students work on an essential question and have multiple opportunities to share ideas and work collaboratively to solve problems. 

Kits are typically shipped as bundles, with 12 project kits comprising a single bundle.  In every bundle, there is a “13th” kit which is actually a “spare parts” kit containing relevant spare parts for the 12 project kits. 

Schools or organizations can order kits as long as at least one teacher/facilitator holds a valid TinkRworks certification. Kits can be ordered on an as-needed basis. 

Makerspace Development

We are always happy to help schools design a new makerspace, upgrade an existing space, or provide them with an assessment of their current makerspace. For those seeking to design a new space or upgrade an existing space, we typically consult with all key stakeholders (teachers, administrators, architects, and general contractors) to determine design requirements and ensure alignment. 

Every project in our catalog can be run in makerspaces. We provide all the base materials (including wood, plexiglass, 3D filament, electronic components) and design templates (i.e., CAD files). Students can view and modify these templates to fabricate project bases on the makerspace toolsets (e.g., 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC milling machines, power tools, etc.). Students experience a level of design and fabrication opportunities that are truly unique to STEAMOnce fabrication is complete, students assemble their components, integrate electronics, and code them to bring them to life. 


Cost varies depending on the number of projects licensed and facilitators who receive PD. Please contact us for more information. 

TinkRworks works in any classroom setting and does not require a dedicated makerspace. All materials that a student will need for either virtual or in-person instruction will be included in the student project kits and facilitator toolsets. 

TinkRworks’ drag-and-drop, block-based programming environment is laptop, Chromebook, and iPad compatible.

In addition to custom PD, teachers have access to the TinkRworks Support Team during business hours Monday-Friday. Our partners can also access a support platform that contains an extensive repository of common troubleshooting questions and their solutions.