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TinkRworks is an innovative, turnkey supplemental STEM/STEAM solution for K-8 classrooms that’s hands-on, engaging, impactful, and easy-to-implement. Developed in collaboration by teachers and engineers, TinkRworks is designed to empower educators to confidently deliver engaging and leading-edge educational experiences to students in unprecedented ways using STEAM Project-based Learning.

Our K-8 program includes standards-rich supplemental curriculum, innovative STEAM project kits, professional development (PD), and a robust and user-friendly web-based learning platform and coding environment which students use to bring their TinkRworks projects to life. 

STEAM is a bit different from STEM in that it not only features science, technology, engineering, and math, but also the arts. The “A” represents art in all its forms – the art of self-expression, the art of design, the art of communication, of understanding, of collaboration, beauty, integration, flexibility, and openness. It involves considering oneself and the user. STEAM emphasizes a more creative and artistic approach to problem solving. It allows students to be more invested in and take more pride in what they are creating. The artistic aspect of STEAM pushes students to show both what they have learned and who they are as individuals.

TinkRworks is a critical piece of supplemental STEAM for school systems nationwide. We make STEAM simple by providing a comprehensive, turnkey solution that is powered by professional support and includes:

Our supplemental K-8 STEAM curriculum and projects come ready-to-teach and can be implemented in a variety of settings including classrooms, makerspaces, after school, and summer school. Our flexible implementation options allow educators to personalize instructional time. We provide all the tools educators need to facilitate classroom instruction, complement essential standards, support project construction, and administer assessments.

TinkRworks works in any classroom setting and does not require a dedicated makerspace. All materials that students and educators need for instruction are included in the STEAM project kits and facilitator toolsets. Our web-based programming environment is laptop, Chromebook, and iOS compatible.


Each TinkRworks project includes comprehensive, supplemental STEAM curriculum that is designed to facilitate cross-curricular connections and enhance core curriculum. Our online teaching resource center includes lesson plans, instructional slides, project build videos, activity guides, rubrics, and student assessments. Every project also includes ongoing access to the TinkRworks Support team who is on standby to assist you with any questions — including those related to professional development, project build, troubleshooting, classroom engagement, and more.

Preview our STEAM curriculum with the Pushes, Pulls and Pins Lesson Sampler (Grades K-2); TinkRbot Lesson Sampler (Grades 3-5); or TinkRsynth Lesson Sampler (Grades 6-8). These lesson samplers provide a glimpse into our STEAM curriculum, including:

  • Lesson Plans: Detailed curriculum maps provide a comprehensive overview for each lesson including learning objectives, key concepts, vocabulary, pacing suggestions, and how content is aligned to grade-specific standards.
  • Instructional Slides: Content-rich slides are used to help structure lessons with background information and lead classroom discussion. Detailed notes are included for educators as they guide students through each lesson.
  • Rubrics & Assessments: Formal and informal assessments offer a combination of multiple choice, written response, and true/false questions. Students may be assessed on content-specific understanding and/or their ability to create, understand, or troubleshoot programming. Digital portfolios are also included as a place for students to document and reflect on their experience.

We provide standards-rich curriculum and projects suitable for K-8 students. Information about appropriate projects for each grade level can be found in our project catalog.

Each project provides 10-18+ hours of instruction. Because of the diversity of projects and robust linkage to standards, TinkRworks can be implemented in science class, math class, ELA class, music class, art class, social studies class, and of course, STEM/STEAM class. Additionally, TinkRworks’ supplemental curriculum is a great fit for afterschool, summer school/summer camp, and extended learning opportunities.

Lesson plans for each project suggest pacing in terms of instructional minutes that help facilitators craft their own plan for implementation. During professional development (PD), the TinkRworks team will work with facilitators to determine the best course of action.

Our curriculum is aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Common Core Standards (CCSS), Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) standards, and Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards.

STEAM Projects

TinkRworks offers a variety of STEAM projects for grades K-8. More information is available on our website and in our project catalog.

All materials that students will need for project assembly and hands-on activities are included in their individual kits. Facilitators are also provided with classroom toolkits that include a reusable set of tools and materials.

Yes! Select projects are designed with reusability in mind. This means the learning adventure doesn’t end with the initial assembly. Reusable projects can be can implemented with students, disassembled, and used again with another group of students throughout the day or school year — creating endless opportunities to reinforce key concepts. Licensing per user is renewed annually. For more information, view our catalog or contact us at

It can be done! However, research shows that students learn best when they work independently to construct their own project, preferably in a class of students who are also working on the same project. With TinkRworks, students work on an essential question and have multiple opportunities to share ideas and work collaboratively to solve problems.

Each project is independent and does not require prior knowledge of other projects or outside content. However, the program can also be implemented in every grade as a project-based STEM supplement. Students will enjoy the experience of learning essential concepts hands-on every year!

Technology & Coding

Any educator can teach TinkRworks! In fact, the vast majority of facilitators who receive TinkRworks’ professional development (PD) self-classify themselves as having either limited or very limited experience with technology and/or coding prior to PD (which covers support for project builds, content, and coding).

TinkRcode, our web-based, drag-and-drop programming environment, compatible with laptops, ChromeBook, and iOS.

TinkRworks does not collect any student data, nor does it require students to input any personally identifiable information before they can begin using our software.


Pricing varies depending on the number of projects licensed and facilitators who receive professional development (PD). Please contact us at for more information.

TinkRworks’ curriculum and projects are designed for classroom settings, such as schools and educational organizations. Projects are not available for individual consumer purchases.

Our STEAM solutions meet the tenants of most state and federal funding sources. Our team is happy to help you determine which funding sources are applicable. Contact us at for more information.

Professional Development & Support

Every TinkRworks project includes a personalized professional development (PD) session that covers how to teach TinkRworks’ STEAM curriculum, including:

      • Curriculum structure and navigation
      • Project build
      • Curricular content
      • Activities
      • Experiments
      • Programming
      • Troubleshooting
      • Safety protocols

Yes, all TinkRworks’ projects include a professional development (PD) session that facilitators are required to complete to ensure that you and your students get the most educational value out of our comprehensive curriculum.

The length of a professional development (PD) session ranges from 2-6 hours depending on the project, coding experience of the facilitators, and number of facilitators.

In addition to personalized professional development (PD), our online resource center includes all the tools needed to facilitate classroom instruction, complement essential standards, support project construction and programming, and administer assessments. Partners also have ongoing access to the TinkRworks Support Team (Mon-Fri: 9 AM-5 PM CT).

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