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Dr. Anu Mahajan | Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Anu Mahajan is the co-founder and CEO of TinkRworks, an organization focused on providing exceptional and enriching STEAM programs for our children that allow them to reinforce and augment foundational concepts taught by our wonderful and dedicated school teachers.  Academically, Dr. Mahajan has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and an M.B.A.  Prior to TinkRworks, Dr. Mahajan led innovation teams at Owens Corning and served in senior executive roles in a couple of different healthcare companies.  Dr. Mahajan also spent several years in the world of management consulting, including time with McKinsey & Company where he focused on serving high-tech clients and also clients who used “big data analytics” to make decisions. Outside of work, Dr. Mahajan LOVES (triple underlined) to spend time with his wife and two kids, most notably on Sunday mornings watching Formula 1 grand-prix races and cheering on Scuderia Ferrari.

Gil Levendel | Chief Product & Technology Officer

As a child, Gil Levendel loved building. He often stacked wood blocks into tall, complex structures (which his older sister would invariably topple, probably on purpose). He also built all sorts of self-designed contraptions using Lego Technics parts, often sending instant photos of his models to Lego for their review and then hoping for their inclusion into a future Lego set. One day while he was playing with his Legos, his older sister came home from school with an assignment that required help. As their dad and she worked together, Gil observed their interaction and immediately became interested in the subject matter—computer programming.


Drew Yemm | Chief Growth Officer

Drew Yemm has extensive experience working with K-8 educators to find solutions for classrooms. He enjoys helping educators and students reach their potential by identifying creative ways to promote classroom engagement. Drew is passionate about integrating STEM projects into schools as it promotes the progression from classroom theory into hands-on application. Outside of work, he spends his time with his wife and four children and enjoys attending all their extracurricular activities.  He is also a poor, but avid golfer.

Peter Cipkowski | Head of Marketing

Peter has 25 years of experience in project management and product marketing with leading K-12 EdTech publishers. He loves working with educators to design and implement solutions that inspire students and improve learning outcomes. Peter was also twice-elected mayor of his hometown where he learned a lot about customer service, problem solving, and road maintenance. Peter has a master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University, and a bachelor’s from Bard College. He is currently working on an EdD at the University of Southern California. Peter began his career in education working with deaf-blind students. 

Phil Stevens | Director of Operations

Phil Stevens has a wealth of hands-on experience shaping and transforming ideas across different industries and has grown multiple start-ups into highly successful large companies, but it is his deep knowledge of and passion for education that led him to TinkRworks. Outside of work, Phil believes that nothing can top traveling and spending time with his family. He has a strong interest in all things sports and has never turned down a day on the golf course.

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