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Welcome to TinkRworks online STEM Professional Development Webinars page, your go-to resource for K-8 STEM educators seeking professional development support and best practices in STEM education. Our STEAM Project-based Learning webinar series offers a wealth of resources and insights aimed at enhancing teaching methodologies and professional growth. Dive into our curated collection of live and recorded sessions to discover the latest trends and best practices in STEM education. Join us on this journey to unlock new opportunities and advance your STEM teaching skills with confidence.

Upcoming STEM Education Webinars

Discover what’s on the horizon with our upcoming webinar series, tailored to empower STEM educators like you. Join live STEM Webinars and STEM Training led by industry pioneers and seasoned educators as they delve into the latest trends and methodologies shaping STEAM education. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your expertise and stay at the forefront of STEM education.


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STEM Education Webinar Archive

Looking for more online STEAM professional development resources? Explore our STEM Resources page for a curated selection of tools, guides, and supplemental materials to further enrich your teaching practice. Plus, don’t hesitate to reach out to speak with a school partner who can provide personalized support and guidance tailored to your specific needs. At TinkRworks, we’re dedicated to empowering educators like you to unlock the full potential of STEM education and inspire the next generation of innovators.

The A in STEAM Matters: Introducing TinkRsynth

Want to learn more about Our hands-on STEAM projects? Join us for a discussion on STEM vs STEAM as we demonstrate how TinkRsynth helps students (grades 6-8) develop analytical and technical skills, while allowing them an opportunity for creative expression.

Nostalgia Meets Innovation: Exploring Tech-A-Sketch and 21st Century Skills

Join us for a demonstration of Tech-A-Sketch a popular hands-on STEAM project from TinkRworks. This digital drawing project (grades 3-5) brings together electronics, coding, and art and teaches a variety of STEAM concepts.

STEAM Project-based Learning Made Simple

What is Project-based Learning (PBL), and how is it transforming K-8 STEAM education? Join us as we delve into the case for STEAM Project-based Learning (PBL). Learn about the transformative potential of PBL through real-world applications in the STEM classroom.

Additional STEM Education Resources​

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