Project-based STEAM Curriculum for Grades K-8​

TinkRworks’ project-based curriculum is designed to close learning gaps and reinforce cross-curricular connections—all while engaging students in unprecedented ways. Easy-to-implement in any elementary and middle school setting, the program is designed to help teachers achieve their academic goals through hands-on learning and transform their classrooms into labs of STEAM discovery.

Turnkey, Standards-rich STEAM Instruction

TinkRworks provides elementary and middle school educators with a comprehensive STEAM curriculum that includes all the tools educators need to facilitate classroom instruction, target essential skills and standards, complete projects from beginning to end, and monitor academic achievement. 


Lesson Plans: Detailed curriculum maps provide a comprehensive overview for each lesson—including learning objectives, key concepts, vocabulary, pacing suggestions, and how content is aligned to grade-specific standards.

Instructional Slides: Content-rich slides are used to help structure lessons with background information and lead classroom discussion. Detailed notes are included for educators as they guide students through each lesson.

Student Assessments: Formal and informal assessments offer a combination of multiple choice, written response, and true/false questions. Students may be assessed on content-specific understanding and/or their ability to create, understand, or troubleshoot programming. Digital portfolios are also included as a place for students to document and reflect on their experience.

Activity Guides: Every project arrives with ready-to-teach activity guides to supplement lessons—including learning objectives, materials needed, setup procedure, detailed instructions on how to administer and discuss the activity, and troubleshooting tips to aid instructors.

Find Time for STEAM with Easy-to-Implement Curriculum

Need to enhance your core science curriculum? TinkRworks is the ideal companion in any science class or  before or after school. Ready-to-teach project kits, high-quality instructional resources, and flexible implementation options make it easy to integrate STEAM project-based learning in a variety of ways:

  • STEM or science class
  • STEM club
  • Afterschool enrichment
  • Summer school or camp
  • Community-based learning center program
Our implementation team will partner with your school to design a scenario that matches you goals and meets your needs. No experience with STEM education or coding required!

Engage Students in Unprecedented Ways


STEAM Curriculum At a Glance​​​​

TinkRworks’ STEAM curriculum comes ready-to-teach and includes everything you need to deliver targeted, grade-appropriate STEM learning. Get a sneak peak and TinkRworks’ supplemental STEAM curriculum with our project lesson samplers.

What’s Included:

  • TinkRworks Curriculum
  • Overview
  • Curriculum Map
  • Instructional Slides
  • Programming Challenges
  • Activity Guide
  • Student Assessments
  • TinkRworks Lesson Samplers

    What Our Partners Are Saying​

    "TinkRworks enhances our core curriculum with projects that relate to what we have to cover. It connects the dots. And today’s learner needs hands-on engagement. The evidence shows that Project-based Learning makes a real difference in academic performance."

    RYAN EVANS | Principal at Brookfield-LaGrange Park D95

    "TinkRworks is a key part of our science curriculum because it’s so modular and ties in with our academic goals and the science and computer science standards."

    JON BARICOVICH | Director of Assessment at Cook County/Summit District 104

    "I’ve spent so many years working with different programs, but nothing has made as much sense to our students or meant so much to me. Plus, students learn about the nut and bolts of building something and get to connect the hardware to the software."

    FRED REYNOLDS | Middle School STEM Teacher at St. John of the Cross Western Springs

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