A STEAM Solution That Empowers Educators

TinkRworks provides continuous implementation support to ensure success. You don’t have to be a STEM expert or coding whiz to teach TinkRworks. Our guided support includes coaching and professional development that empowers educators from all backgrounds to teach STEAM Project-based Learning. 

TinkRworks Professional Development

No experience teaching STEM or coding? No problem! We’re here to bring facilitators up to speed so they can confidently and effectively teach STEAM Project-based Learning. Every TinkRworks project includes a one-time, guided professional development that is designed to empower educators. Session participants:

1. Build the full project kit in the same sequence as students.

2. Progress through the curriculum.

3. Program the project using the TinkRcode coding environment.

Success Right Out of the Gate

Start strong! Our goal is to ensure that every facilitator and administrator has the confidence to teach the program right at the outset. Implementation training is customized to address specific classroom needs as well as district and school academic goals. Grounded in STEM classroom experience, our PD team is at your service—regardless of teacher experience with STEM or coding. They’ll coach you through every aspect of the program: implementation scenarios, using instructional resources, building and coding projects, and much more.

TinkRworks Facilitator Experience


STEAM Professional Development Resources

Maximize effectiveness with TinkRworks’ professional development resource kits. Designed to inspire facilitators, our resources provide research-backed strategies, classroom-tested STEM ideas, inspirational case studies, and tricks-of-the trade to create a classroom culture of exploration and innovation.

30-minutes Well Spent: STEAM Education Professional Development Webinars

Hone your STEM teaching practice with TinkRworks’ STEM Education Professional Development Webinar Series.

Hear from STEAM educators and other experts in the field on the latest hot topics in STEM education. You’ll also get a sneak peek at what’s going on behind-the-scenes at TinkRworks with exclusive STEAM project demos featuring our innovative product development team.

Attend live or catch up with our video archive.

What Our Partners Are Saying​

"Teachers who do not see themselves as coding experts find lots of comfort in TinkRworks. The resources and customer service it provides help them become more effective facilitators of coding concepts.”

REBECCA LARATTA, ED.S. | Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, and Student Services at Gower School District 62

"What’s really unique about TinkRworks is how it supports teachers with the lesson trouble shooting. This is unique among programs. Customer service is prompt so teachers feel supported and can focus on students."

RYAN EVANS | Principal at Brookfield-LaGrange Park D95

"From an administrator’s point of view, the biggest success is that teachers enjoy using TinkRworks in their classrooms. They see their students engaged in something rigorous and relevant and that leads to a classroom that is well-managed. Students want to participate. You can’t say that about a lot of programs."

AARON ESPER, PH.D. | Director of CTE and Special Projects at The Career Academy Network of Public Schools

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Matt Yena | School Partner

Matt is a former elementary STEM teacher and has experience teaching TinkRworks in his classroom. After 15 years in education, he joined the TinkRworks team to support teachers with easy-to-implement STEAM resources and help provide diverse learning opportunities to a greater number of students.

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We’re here to help answer your questions about our curriculum, implementation, and pricing.