Grades 6-8​​

TinkRsynth Transparent

Project Description

Inspire future composers and reinforce the fundamentals of coding through music. Students create a sound mixing board to produce, manipulate, and synthesize sounds. They do this by programming the board to combine various electrical waves together to create sound for their unique instruments. Along the way, they explore the properties and physics of sound waves and use their instruments to learn about rhythm, chords, melodies, and to compose music. Students show off what they’ve learned by orchestrating a solo performance or forming an ensemble with classmates!

Key Concepts

Wave types, wave shapes, frequency, amplitude, pitch, keyboard, synthesizer, PCB, microcontroller, electrical signals, speakers, coding, variables, RGB pixel, conditionals, variable math, low pass filter, envelope, switch/case, keyboard, function, music, notes, octave, scale, melody, beat, rhythm, music bar, transcribe, ensemble, melody, harmony, bass, chords


Essential Question

How can we develop a device that enables us to create and modify sounds that we can use to compose and play music?

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Summary of Standards


Common Core ELA
Students will participate in collaborative discussions, use grade-appropriate vocabulary, and ask and answer questions.

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
Students will use mathematical representations to describe a simple model for waves.

Computer Science Teaching Association Standards (CSTA)
Students will design projects that combine hardware and software components and systematically test and refine programs.

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)
Students will listen actively to interpret a message, synthesize information to create a new understanding and they will follow and give oral instructions that involve multiple action steps.


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