16 STEAM Resources Students and Teachers Love

16 STEAM Resources Students and Teachers Love

There is no shortage of information or resources on STEAM education nowadays. STEAM has become a hot topic among educators across all grade levels nationwide. Even a quick internet search will return thousands of results.

That being said, it can be tricky to sift through all of the options in order to find truly beneficial resources for both students and teachers. Fear not! In this article, we have compiled a robust list of quality STEAM resources that students AND teachers love.

If you know anything about TinkRworks, you know that we value STEAM education, and we believe that it creates opportunities for students to connect with the world around them through lessons learned in the classroom. We also believe that it ignites passion and interest in students that can be translated into high-demand 21st Century skills.

Though the benefits are evident, educators may resist or delay building a STEAM program within their schools. Getting started with STEAM can be tough, especially with so much information available. It can be overwhelming to find topics, projects, and concepts to focus on with students.

Luckily, we have created a variety of resources to help educators establish and maintain high-performing STEAM curriculums within their schools. The list below includes some of our best STEAM resources.

16 STEM Resources Students & Teachers Will Love

Download these resources to access materials and projects that can help you create excitement for STEAM in your school!

1. STEAM Superheroes Kit

Meet the six STEAM Superheroes! These fun characters embody the six essential skills that all STEAM superheroes must have. This kit includes posters and banners that you can hang on your classroom walls to inspire students, as well as a tip sheet to guide your teaching as you introduce students to these important STEAM skills.

STEAM Superheroes Kit

2. STEAM Discourse and Reflection Resource Kit

Discourse is a vital component of a successful STEAM classroom. When implemented correctly, students enjoy voicing their observations and honing their communication skills with their classmates. Learning how to encourage and foster productive discourse takes effort. Fortunately, our STEAM Discourse and Reflection Resource Kit equips you with all the tools you need to get started! Access question prompts, project planners, reflection worksheets, and more when you download this resource.

STEAM Discourse and Reflection Resource Kit

3. All About Me STEAM Robot

Help students discover all that there is to love about STEAM with our All About Me STEAM Robot activity. This resource provides students with the opportunity to tap into the aspects of STEAM that excite them the most. Then, they can share with the class! Educators can use the robots to pinpoint STEAM projects and activities that appeal to the interests of their students. It’s a win-win!

All About Me STEAM Robot

4. Stellar STEAM Superheroes Classroom Door Decorations

Make the right impression on students before they walk into the classroom. Download our STEAM-themed door decorations! These decorations introduce students to the fun of STEAM learning in a colorful, vibrant way. Plus, they promote a STEAM-focused atmosphere to other students and faculty within the school.

Stellar STEAM Superheroes Classroom Door Decorations

5. Get to Know You STEAM Activity Worksheet

This hands-on activity helps students learn more about their classmates as well as STEAM. Download the worksheet to guide students through this partner/small group project where they will construct a model of their classmates using the data gathered on the worksheet. This activity provides an excellent opportunity for students to connect with one another while practicing STEAM skills.Get to Know You STEAM Activity Worksheet

6. I Heart STEAM Puzzle

Love (of STEAM) is in the air! This puzzle is another great hands-on activity that helps students identify and share what they enjoy about STEAM learning. Teachers can use their students’ answers to create and tailor STEAM projects to the interests of the class. This project works for students grades 1-8, making it very versatile.

I Heart STEAM Puzzle

7. Mindful STEAM Coloring Sheet

Mindfulness activities can be beneficial to students of all grade levels. Download this coloring sheet to give students a buffer activity that helps them refocus when transitioning from classes or subjects. It is especially useful before starting multistep STEAM projects where students will need to be present and focused. When students finish coloring, teachers can hang the sheets on the wall for a colorful classroom display!

Mindful STEAM Coloring Sheet

8. STEAM Teamwork Rubric

Cooperation, listening, and teamwork are important skills for students to hone before they enter the workforce. STEM projects offer a unique opportunity to assess the teamwork skills of students. Download this STEAM Teamwork Rubric to evaluate student teamwork skill levels while they work through STEAM projects. Use the rubric to formulate and provide feedback to help them improve.

STEAM Teamwork Rubric

9. Women In STEM/STEAM Activity

Women’s history month is approaching, but you don’t need to wait until March to inspire your students with the stories and discoveries of famous women in STEAM. This downloadable activity introduces students to female pioneers like Sally Ride, Ada Lovelace, and Katherine Johnson. Sharing their stories of overcoming adversity can inspire students to pursue STEM careers of their own, regardless of their place or circumstance in life.

Women In STEM/STEAM Activity

10. This or That Simple STEAM Brain Builders

This simple activity works for K-8 students, and they can be used as bell activities in the first 5-10 minutes of class. These brain builders allow students to tap into their critical thinking skills through the lens of STEAM, making these perfect for refocusing students between activities or projects. Educators can use these worksheets to assess their students’ analytic skills – showing them where there is room for improvement and where students are solid in their understanding.

This or That Simple STEAM Brain Builders Activity

11. Making Failure Productive Tip Sheet

Productive failure is a vital component of a successful STEAM curriculum. Fostering resilience and encouraging students to learn from their mistakes creates a healthy classroom culture for STEAM learning. Download this tip sheet to learn methods for coaching students through the productive failure process as they work through STEAM projects. Promoting this skill in the classroom will help students in all areas of their lives, and it will create eager learners who are passionate about investigation, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

Making Failure Productive Tip Sheet

12. The Road to STEAM Success: The Engineering Design Process Poster & Handout

Use this resource to explain and illustrate the process for design in the field of engineering. Teach students to approach problems with an open and curious mind with this handout. Reshape and reform student minds to set them up for long term success in STEAM and beyond.

The Road to STEAM Success: The Engineering Design Process Poster & Handout

13. STEAM Project-based Learning Resource Kit

This STEAM Project-based Learning Resource Kit is packed with resources to help educators get started with productive Project-based Learning (PBL) in the classroom. Download now to access tip sheets for teachers and reflection sheets for students, as well as a list of project ideas to see PBL in action. Creating a strong foundation for PBL in a STEAM classroom sets students and educators up for success as they progress to new topics and concepts throughout the school year.

STEAM Project-based Learning Resource Kit

14. STEAM Project-based Learning Student Organizers

Organizational skills are important for everyone. Teaching students how to stay organized as they progress through multistep STEAM projects creates a more beneficial learning environment for students and teachers alike. Download this resource to establish an organized classroom approach to STEM Project-based Learning.

STEAM Project-based Learning Student Organizers

15. STEM Makerspace Library

One of our favorite resources is TinkRpedia, our free makerspace lesson library! These lessons were created by educators for educators, meaning that they’ve been tested in real classrooms. Browse lesson ideas that utilize accessible and recycled materials. Use this library to get started with easily-implemented STEAM activities that appeal to the interests of your students.

STEM Makerspace Library Activities

16. TinkRworks STEAM Projects

We are incredibly proud of the STEAM projects that we’ve created. These projects cover a variety of grade levels and STEAM concepts, and they introduce students to the fun and creativity involved in STEAM learning. With projects like our newest one, Tech-A-Sketch, or our most-loved ones, LaunchPad and Art Electric, you can inspire an entire classroom of future STEAM innovators!

TinkRworks STEAM Projects


These resources were created by people who love and value STEAM education, and who understand its growing importance for today’s students. Because of that, you will find that they do more than just teach STEAM concepts. Using this list, you can inspire students to embrace the fun of STEAM learning in your classroom and beyond!

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