St. John of the Cross Parish School

STEAM Programs Provide Students with Real-World Problem-Solving Techniques

Challenge: Fred Reynolds, Tech Coach at SJC, was looking for STEAM solutions that would allow his students to work with real-world engineering components and develop their problem-solving skills.

Solution: Reynolds was introduced to TinkRworks through a parent of a current student, who had enrolled his son in a STEAM program at TinkRworks. Intrigued by the parent’s enthusiasm, Reynolds and the principle of SJC, Kathleen Gorman, met with TinkRworks leadership and were introduced to STEAM-X projects at the TinkRworks Engagement Center. By the time the two got back into the elevator, they had already decided they would partner with TinkRworks. “The decision was immediate because when you walk into the center, you can see that it’s an engineering workspace,” said Reynolds. “It was very apparent the team knew engineering and also very apparent that they knew education. Most of the time, you don’t see that.”