Project Description

Explore the fundamentals of robotics. Students build a robot with unique capabilities from scratch. They develop logic and programming skills through design, build, and coding. Using a cloud-based coding environment, students program their robots to complete a variety of challenges — designed to allow students to develop logic and programming skills fundamental to all robotics. Through hands-on exploration and experimentation, students learn about conversion, conservation, and transfer of energy.

Key Concepts

Arduino, Circuit, Conditionals, Control flow, Debugging, Duration, Echolocation, Electricity, Frequency, IR sensor, Jumper wires, LED, PCB, Program, RGB pixels, Syntax, Ultrasonic sensor, Wavelength

Essential Question

How can we build, personalize, and program a robot that can meet a variety of challenges while expressing our individualism?

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Summary of Standards


Computer Science Teaching Association Standards (CSTA)
Students will model how internal and external parts of computing devices work together, use data to highlight cause-and-effect relationships, create programs with sequences, events, loops, and conditionals, and test a program to ensure that it runs as intended.

Common Core ELA
Students will learn new content specific vocabulary, engage in collaborative discussions, and review key ideas that are expressed.

Common Core Math
Students will generate patterns and add multi-digit numbers.

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
Students will conduct an experiment and use the data to construct an explanation relating the speed of an object to the energy of that object.  In the experiment, they will measure the outcomes of two objects colliding. Students will explore conversion, conservation, and transfer of energy through movement of energy as sound, light, and heat. 


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