The City of Aurora

Providing STEAM curriculum to disenfranchised youth.

Challenge: It is Pegues’ own experiences as a child growing
up in Aurora that motivated him to provide STEAM opportunities to youth in his city. “I did not have these opportunities, myself. I had to go out and find my opportunities. So, now being back in Aurora, I’m trying to provide those opportunities for my constituents-those little boys and girls like me, those minorities, who didn’t have an opportunity because it’s so important to get these kids exposed to STEM at those early, early ages.”

Solution: Pegues envisions implementing STEAM education for all students K-8 in the City of Aurora. He would like the STEAM program to reach as many students as possible. “My target would probably be to try and identify every disenfranchised youth in this city and provide an opportunity for them to be exposed to STEM learning at an early age. So, whatever that number is, that’s the number I’d actually be shooting for.” In fact, Pegues’ children participated in building the TinkRworks’ projects. Eight-year-old twin brother and sister, Noah and Nina, built the Art Electric Project, while ten-year-old Noel took part in TinkRbot.