Why STEAM Matters


STEM/STEAM teaches 21st century skills and real-world problem solving. This cross-curricular teaching method fosters creativity, persistence, self-expression, collaboration, social and emotional skills, and critical thinking.

The Case for Project-Based Learning

This report highlights the research behind project-based learning (PBL) and offers tips on how to select a PBL program for your classroom.

STEAM Made Simple


Looking for expert tips or STEM project ideas for your classroom?

Our STEAM Made Simple blog provides educators with timely articles and free resources on STEM/STEAM.

Makerspace Activities​


Maximize your makerspace with skills-rich lessons.

TinkRpedia has everything you need to get started with STEM/STEAM Project-based Learning. Browse our educator-curated Makerspace Lesson Library for a free collection of hands-on projects—featuring lessons for high/low-tech makerspaces that cover a variety of subjects and difficulty levels.

Written by STEAM educators, each lesson includes a materials list, step-by-step instructions, teacher tips & tricks, and supplemental resources.

STEM Webinar Series

STEAM Webinars for Educators

Check out our STEAM webinar series to hear from STEM/STEAM educators and other experts on the latest hot topics in STEAM education and to learn more about TinkRworks’ innovative projects.

Upcoming Webinars

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View TinkRworks upcoming STEAM Webinars for teachers and administrators. Educators can earn CPDU’s for these informational sessions.

Please check back often to see upcoming events and webinars as they are added to the schedule.

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Funding Opportunities


TinkRworks STEAM Curriculum & Projects can be part of your title funding and/or grant-writing opportunities, opening the door to bring exceptional STEAM projects to your school. We’re happy to partner with you in these opportunities!

Title Funding

Title I:

If you’re a Title I school (greater than 40% low-income students), TinkRworks STEAM curriculum can be part of your Title I budget. This U.S. Department of Education report has case studies that show innovative uses of Title I funds towards STEM clubs and summer camps

Title II:

TinkRworks curriculum is led by trained and certified educators who undergo comprehensive professional development; this can be written into a Title II grant for your school.

Title IV: Part A

Since Title IV funds were specifically written to increase STEM opportunities and access, TinkRworks is a natural fit here as our STEAM curriculum integrates science and technology learning opportunities in a classroom-based or after-school settings.

Title IV: Part B

TinkRworks hands-on STEAM experiences can be part of your 21st Century grant. Our curriculum can easily be adapted and delivered for before-and after-school programs. Many schools have used their Title IV Funds for licensing TinkRworks curriculum and student project kits under this grant. 

Interested in using your title funds on TinkRworks curriculum?
Get in touch at info@TinkRworks.com

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