STEAM Academy


STEAM Academy

Project Description

Bring STEAM concepts to life with programmable art. Students assemble, design, and program their very own masterpieces with customizable lights and sounds that enrich their artistic themes. Along the way, students learn about the science of light and sound, how electricity and circuits work, and how echolocation can be mimicked with technology. This project supports Social and Emotional Learning through activities that allow students to relate how sound and color affect how they feel.

Key Concepts

Arduino, Art, Bluetooth, Circuit, Circuit Board, Coding, Colored Light, Electricity, Electrons, Echolocation, Engineering, Light, Math, Music, RGB pixel, Science, Sound, STEAM, Shadow, Technology, Ultrasonic sensor, Vibration

Essential Question

What can we create that uses all five parts of STEAM?

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Summary of Standards


Computer Science Teaching Association Standards (CSTA)
Students will select and operate appropriate software, use appropriate terminology when describing computing systems, model how programs store and manipulate data, and develop plans that describe a program’s sequence of events, goals, and expected outcomes.

Common Core ELA
Students will determine the meaning of unknown words, participate in collaborative group discussions, and demonstrate understanding of text.

Common Core Math
Students will understand the relationship between numbers and quantities.

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
Students will plan and carry out investigations, recognize cause and effect patterns, and use mathematics and computational thinking.

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)
Students will listen actively and ask questions to understand information and answer questions using multi-word responses. They will work collaboratively with others by following agreed-upon rules for discussion, including taking turns.

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