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Project-based Learning


Our curriculum is designed by educators like you who believe in STEAM. We provide hands-on projects that inspire innovation and encourage creative problem-solving through trial and error—engaging students in unprecedented ways.

Pampered Plant

Grades 2-5:

Students combine electronics, sensors, and Arduino boards (micro-controllers or mini-computers) to build and code a plant-monitoring station that will indicate the “happiness level” of a plant. 

Essential Question:

How can we know when a potted plant needs more water or light?

Students Take Home

Their very own potted plant, complete with plant monitoring system.


Grades 6-8:

Students design, build, and fly their very own quadcopters. They learn all about the science of flight as they build their drones to achieve compromises between speed, acrobatics, and stability.

Essential Question:

How can we explore and investigate the forces that affect drone flight?

Students Take Home

A custom drone, controller, battery, and battery charger.



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